Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Learner Success Stories - Nihal Chaudhary

Very few people are able to point to a moment in their lives where they experienced absolute epiphany. However, in Nihal’s case, he gives veneration for his transformation to his experience with Teach India. Now employed as a Guest Relations Associate at PVR Superplex, one of the premier cinemas in Delhi-NCR, words elude him when he thinks of his experience with Teach India. He is forever grateful for having taken shade under the Teach India umbrella, to which he owes his success.

In a candid conversation with our team, he went at length to discuss his transformation.
Before joining Teach India classes, Nihal remembers himself as a disoriented youth, who despite having the drive, did not have the necessary skill-set to succeed in India’s burgeoning job market. In fact, the mere prospect of thinking about gainful employment gave him the shivers, for he faced a lot of resistance from home. But fate had bigger plans for him than he had ever anticipated. “As soon as he stepped inside the classroom, I could see both dedication and hope in his eyes. The dedication with which he took part in classroom activities, his eagerness to learn; they were all indicators of the bright future that lay ahead of him. He has been one of my best students.” recalls his proud teacher Ms. Pooja Agarwal.
Gradually, the classes progressed and Nihal overcame his mental hurdles to become proficient in English. He explains that the desire to engage in formal English conversation with people came about as a result of his success in the classroom. He wanted to emulate the same results in the world outside the classroom. His job at PVR now allows him to do the same. Having received six job offers after his classes ended, Nihal is an example of what sheer diligence and drive can achieve. Giving accolades to his teacher for channeling his efforts in the right direction, Nihal loves how he has now become an outgoing & winsome individual who does not hold back on saying what is on his mind.
Through the mode of our classes which aim to boost employability in underprivileged youth, like many others, Nihal has been empowered to rise up against economic & social constructs to establish an independent niche for himself in his household. Moreover, the skills that he gained in his classes will be etched in his mind forever, thus opening more lucrative opportunities for him. Nihal is steadfast in purpose, morally upright and understands the great gift that is education.
(When we coaxed Nihal again to describe his experience with Teach India, he simply said “Awesome”). 

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